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Michigan Cartoonist Takes A Colorful Journey Across The United States of America

“The Twelve Months Of America”

The journey continues. Pirate Paul and Ana Mae Mouse head out across The United States of America. This adventure is a non-traditional tour, that introduces their family of 5 little mice to the signs and symbols that represent their country. Along the way they see additional things that are fun and fanciful.

To be continued.....


Michigan Cartoonist Takes A Colorful Journey Across The State in

“The Twelve Months Of Michigan”

AnnieMarie Chiaverilla is the youngest of five and her fondest memories are of car trips her family would take across Michigan. Safely squished between your parents, while her brothers and sister wrestled in the back seat, she had a bird’s eye view of everything she loved about the state. 


In a colorful tribute to her crazy family and their amazing adventures, AnnieMarie brings those trips to life in “The Twelve Months Of Michigan”.


Through the eyes of a family of mice, with AnnieMarie Mouse as the tour guide, and Pirate Paul and Ana Mae Mouse (the artist’s parents) as drivers -- children and adults learn the wonders of Michigan. From the Painted Turtles of Petoskey to the Green Darner Dragonflies that welcome visitors to Drummond Island, vibrant characters come alive like little Pied Pipers. 

Readers join the family of Mouseketeers on a journey that takes them from their family home in West Bloomfield, Michigan to vacation spots that include Mackinac Island and Port Cresent, as well as special events across the state. The artist pays special tribute to the Motown sound, the Woodward Dream Cruise and the family’s favorite sports teams. 


The Twelve Months of Michigan offers a vibrant view of everything the state has to offer and serves as the perfect learning tool for long car trips and beautiful bedtime stories. But reader be warned, this endearing family of mice tend to bring out the child in all of us -- and have been known to bring on spontaneous weekend road trips. 


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